10 things to remember for a outdoor photoshoot


We have put together few points from our experience that would make your outdoor photos stand out!

  1. Location location location: Choose unique locations and your photos are already unique. Try avoiding the places that most outdoor shoots happen. The lesser known the place is you get unique frames. Paid venues are better because they get you privacy and also good photos
  2. Costumes: Choose costumes based on the theme or location. Color
    coordinated or contrast dressing, share the images of the costumes with the photographer at least a couple days prior so they get to
  3. Go theme based: Retro/traditional/funny/lifestyle/comic strip/ your own love story it can be anything. Choose a theme that would suit your character and that would instantly make the shoot a unique and lovely one
  4. Be Punctual: Though most photographers use artificial lights, there is a specific reason they tell you to be there in the location in a specific time. Be punctual and if possible a bit earlier. There might be a chance that you have to walk from the parking to the spot where the photographer has the shot planned and this time works
  5. Don’t rush: Plan the shoot on a day where you can even accommodate an additional hour or two. The day may not go as planned, may be a rain or traffic playing a spoiler. Photographers are always willing to accommodate those scenarios and think of alternatives if you have the time.
  6. Discussion before the shoot: Sit over a cup of coffee or a conference call with the photographer, set your expectations clear. Create a whatsapp group and share the images you like or want to be recreated. This enables faster work and saving a lot of time
  7. Practice poses: You would know your best side and best angle and you can be ready with the poses . This would help the photographers to a great extent
  8. Be at ease, show chemistry: These are photos that you are gonna cherish for a long long time. So, be candid, stand in a pose and share a joke, make her blush, get weird in-between the shots. Unposed shots or in-between shots turn out to be the best
  9. Quality, not quantity: Don’t go by the number of photos. From a 2-3 hours shoot, the max you can ask for is 75 snaps. Anything more than that would be repetitive or rushed snaps
  10. See a preview, don’t rush for final photos: Photographers do process their images to bring it close to what they visualised in the shot. While the excitement to see your snaps is totally understandable, don’t rush it on the photographers.

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