Attempting to write our first blogpost, its only fitting to start with, by throwing light on ‘the shift’ from the corporate landscape to the world of photography. As it is common knowledge, the corporate environment is a tangle of hierarchy and designations. And just when we thought we were finally free from the bounds of the former world, life ain’t looking completely different on the other side either.

Taking a closer look at weddings, it didn’t take too long to find patterns. Look at that! The bride and groom now became the clients. Not too different from the previous world, the couple want their wedding to take place according to their curated specifications. However, they must go through an onsite manager(in this case, the parents) and then seek multiple approvals and freeze the requirements discussed with the offshore business executives (yes, you guessed it right-the relatives) and only then reach out to the offshore team(the service providers, indeed).

Working in full force, the off shore team (photographers, decorators and caterers) burn the midnight oil, and the clients,happy with their work, appreciate them with more perks. However, when the client glances at the wallet, its empty already. While the offshore team and the clients wonder how the pockets got burnt, the offshore Vendor(Marriage hall/venue) walks out happily flipping the notes.

In the end of the day, somehow, the product gets delivered. Most of the times, the product goes through agile model with weekly sprints for revision. On the other hand, the caterers or decorators aka the business analysts, get out of the picture, once the event is done. Eventually, it is the photographers who end up being the developers (no pun intended for those who still want to shoot in film) or testing team who go through the revision or weekly targets.

Well, that’s probably why, we, the photographers end up becoming closer to the clients. Over half of the friends we have earned are clients turned friends. The day we get on board, we become a part of their family and the most common feedback we receive from our clients is that they felt like a person from their family captured their wedding. Once the shoot is done, we’ve even gone out for dinners or to chill out with the bride and groom. That’s a sign of the comfort levels they get into with us.

That’s probably why they say, at weddings, eventually, nothing can go wrong! Infact, it ends up in fun filled moments to laugh at, when thought about later.

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